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Côté Table

Côté Table Dinnerware

$16.90 - $119

Create your own dinner service with the Constance collection in creamy white porcelain with antique silver line detail – perfectly placed for everyday use & formal occassions.

From Bordeaux-based Côté Table – homeware design in classic French elegant style, with an inspired contemporary twist.

Charger Plate (32.5cm dia) $44.90
Dinner Plate (28.5cm dia) $24.90
Dessert Plate (23cm dia) $19.90
Cereal bowl (19cm dia) $19.90
Pasta Plate (27cm dia) $24.90
Salad Bowl (30cm dia) $89.90
Oval Dish L (41x32cm) $119.00
Oval Dish M (35x25cm) $99.90
Mug American $19.90
Cereal Bowl (14cm dia) $16.90
Breakfast Cup & Saucer $39.90
Milk Jug (250ml) $39.90

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