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24 Bottles

Stainless steel bottles for hydration on the go

Born in 2013 with the mission of unburdening the planet from
disposable plastic bottles, 24Bottles is the Italian design brand
creating carefully designed, high-quality, easy-to-carry,
sustainable stainless steel bottles for daily hydration on the go.

They believe that good design can change things for the better
and can help people improve their health and quality of life
as well as their look, in an environmentally friendly way.

With single-walled bottles in 1 litre & 500ml capacity, and
double-walled 500ml thermo bottles, warm soothing beverages
or cool refreshing drinks are at your fingertips.

On the front of each single-walled bottle a number is printed,
indicating the quantity of CO2 you save from releasing into
the atmosphere every time you choose to drink from your
Urban Bottle instead of buying a disposable water bottle.
The production of a single use bottle includes CO2
emissions of 0.08kg (80 grams) per 500ml bottle,
and 0.16kg (160 grams) per 1 litre bottle.

Combining form and function, this uniquely lightweight
collection from 24 Bottles fosters a more sustainable and
comfortable lifestyle, while keeping personal style on point.

All products are sustainably made, and certified carbon neutral.

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24 Bottles
24 Bottles
24 Bottles
24 Bottles

Galerie de Portraits collection

For over 20 years, independent French design workshop ibride have applied their unparalleled creative vision to the world of interiors – instilling life into unique objects and dreamlike creations, infused with stories and emotions.

The Galerie de Portraits tray collection – designed by Rachel Convers,
design director of French company ibride – features gorgeously grand anthropomorphic animals in regal attire. Twisting the concept of nobility portraiture, these beautifully detailed illustrations are created as trays – perfect as a decorative wall piece, creating a distinctive interior statement.

All trays are hand made in France, in keeping with traditional technique
and are fabricated in kraft layers, soaked in resin and hot-pressed.

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Ibride Cornelius Tray
Ibride Bianca Tray

Makers of the iconic Salam teapot, originally created in 1953. Beautifully crafted in porcelain, the pot is enhanced by a metal 'tea-cosy', lined with felt and designed to keep the tea at exactly the right temperature - twice as long as a regular teapot. 

Modest Vintage Player

"Form is temporary, class is permanent" - The MVP

The Modest Vintage Player caters for the discerning recreational sports dabbler with an eye for quality and class.

Inspired through a fascination in the history of sport and a passion for traditional sports and recreation from around the world The MVP set out to design and re-create vintage sporting masterpieces using the timeless materials of leather and wood with a touch of class.

All products are hand-made using the finest materials by dedicated craftsman creating elegant yet practical sporting weapons for you to showcase your skills on beaches, parks and backyards around the world. Traditional sporting accessories with vintage qualities, suited as much for practical use as they are perfect aesthetics for the mantelpiece or pool room.

Take your social sport and recreation heroics to the next level with The Modest Vintage Player.


With a philosophy reflected in the origin of its name, Belgium-based design & production house Sempre (meaning ‘forever’) creates products that are handmade of natural and reclaimed materials, with an aesthetic that finds beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature.

The cycle of life is reflected both in the materials that are used for the collections, and in the purposeful irregularity of finish – the cracks and crevices and all other marks that time, weather and use leave behind – capturing the soul of nature in its purest, unrefined form.

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Dôme Deco

Dôme Deco challenges the conventional boundaries
of interior design with a unique and penetrating vision.

A Belgian company with a very diverse, international focus, their collections straddle contrasting extremes in both form and content, sparking an engaged dialogue with any interior. Harsh, raw elements, for example, are combined with a refined sense of elegance… soft features are lent a rough, hardened edge…  warm, natural materials are contrasted with sleek, clean lines… a vision that encapsulates the diversity of a globalized and ever-changing world – cosmopolitan, conceptual, contemporary.


copy to come


copy to come


Pure Indulgence in Scented Soy

Kearose is a boutique, eco-friendly fragrance collection
for lovers of luxury and opulent style.

Kearose wax is 100% soy – the soybeans originate from specialist soy farms
in the USA. It is then made into soy flakes and shipped to New Zealand
directly from the source in America. Kearose candles are triple scented
(signifying the amount of oil used in each candle) with exquisite and
unique fragrance oils sourced from around the globe. Soy wax has a
threshold of how much oil it can hold before it won’t set. Kearose candles
hold the maximum amount of fragrance oil that is possible.

Kearose's fragrance oils have been carefully created and curated from
a variety of perfumeries they work with abroad. Many of the come from
Grasse, France, New Jersey, USA, Melbourne Australia, along with
locally sourced oils from New Zealand. The oils are all natural.
No nasty thylates or sulphates.

Every candle is hand poured, boxed and finished
at Kearose's studio in Wanganui, New Zealand.

Founded by Stacey Jones, Kearose came to life in Sydney, Australia
where Stacey (upon visiting her home country of NZ) realised there was
a niche in the market there for a high end home fragrance brand.
With a background in Photography and Graphic Design she travelled
abroad to get to work with various perfumeries and over a
two year period experimented and perfected the craft.

When not hunting down the perfect oils for her exquisite home fragrances,
Stacey can be found in Wanganui, living with her husband and
two sausage dogs in their 100 year old restored Villa.

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Made since 1920 in Bevano, a small town on the shores of
Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy, Italo Ottinetti produces a range of
cookware and bakeware for the professional chef and the home cook.

Unique and stylish, Ottinetti Cookware combines the optimal
cooking properties of aluminium with the beauty of brass. It sits alone
in the market as a traditional, handcrafted product designed to last.

The aluminium used is greater than 99% pure, ensuring it is entirely safe
for use with food, and it meets the EU standards EN 601 & EN602.

Lighter in weight than other traditional materials such as cast iron,
aluminium is the best conductor of heat after copper but considerably
less expensive than copper. This means it heats up fast and
cools down quickly giving the cook great control.

Ottinetti can be used on the stove top or in the oven.

Aluminium is the best conductor of heat next to copper, but more cost effective. Ottinetti aluminium cookware is certified 99.5% pure which means it is
completely safe to cook in. However it is not recommended to store acidic foods, such as tomato based dishes, in these pans for any period of time.
This can cause the surface of the pan to pit.

From the Alzheimers Association of America: “During the 1960s and 1970s, aluminium emerged as a possible suspect in Alzheimer’s. This suspicion led to concern about exposure to aluminium through everyday sources such as pots and pans, beverage cans, antacids and antiperspirants. Since then, studies have failed to confirm any role for aluminium in causing Alzheimer’s.”

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A leading design company, founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli and now run by Claudio Luti, Kartell is one of the symbols of Italian design around the world.
A success story told through an incredible series of products – furniture, furnishings, lighting, home accessories – that have become part of the domestic landscape, not to mention actual contemporary design icons.

Kartell collaborates with the most prestigious international designers.
The Kartell collection is multifunctional and of broad appeal, easy to use and beautiful to behold. Colour, irony, transparency, unique shapes and a play of the senses all come together to make unique pieces.

The first collection of home fragrances, Kartell Fragrances, launched its world premiere in January 2015 during the Maison&Objet show in Paris, and is now available at Corso de' Fiori. Diffusers and candles feature in various shapes and colours, with 7 selected Kartell perfumes (created in collaboration with renowned world fragrance houses) – an innovative formula combining sophisticated home fragrances with home decor items in perfect Kartell style.

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stylish goods for men and the women who love them

Inspired by the old world ideals of utility, beauty, and making things
that are 'built to last', Izola began nearly a decade ago with the idea
of bringing great design to everyday objects and tools.

Made with great care and attention to detail, they design functional
everyday staples. Whether it's barware, grooming tools, style
accessories, luggage, or homewares, Izola make well-designed
and stylish goods for men and the women who love them.


Zuperzozial tableware – contemporary, stylish, and durable, with environmentally conscious design. Made from natural, biodegradable materials such as bamboo and corn, Zuperzozial combines an earthy aesthetic with sleek, simple lines. Dishwasher proof.

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Prospector Co


Established in Savannah, Georgia in 2010, Prospector Co. presents
a carefully created line of skin care and interior scents for men.
Originally developed for pre-shave, post-shave and no-shave formulas
(including their highly-coveted beard oil), the success of their lines saw
Prospector Co. expanding to include personal fragrance and
interior scents, body creams and cleansers.

The products are created in low-volume batches, individually made
by hand, and share a basis of quality, naturally-derived ingredients
with discerning scent and archival influence.

Each product is made with special consideration for sensitive skin
– Prospector Co. see their products as food for the face and body,
so they should be as discriminating as the food we eat.

With a style that nods both to the hand-crafted and natural values
of a previous era, and the more edgy, urban chic of city living,
Prospector Co. products are a nourishing foundation for modern life.

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Prospector Co
K.C Atwood Aftershave
Prospector Co
Tester Vials Kit
Prospector Co
Vetiver Sage Body Cleanser


Founded in 1950, Swiss company Vitra is a producer,
curator, and champion of design.

With a focus on functional and inspiring interiors, furniture and accessories,
Vitra is at the forefront of design, while retaining a long-term view – longevity
of materials, construction and aesthetics is their leading principle (with many
designs in continuous production since the 1950s).

Vitra is also actively
involved in the cultural placement & documentation of design, through
the Vitra Campus, Vitra Design Museum and other initiatives.

Vitra’s strength lies in the partnerships it has built with renowned design
organisations such as Eames, Artek (a brand also at Corso de’ Fiori)
and Jasper Morrison (view his stylish HAL Wood chairs).

Whether creating furniture design icons, pieces of functional beauty,
or objects of collectable whimsy, Vitra is a company with
unique collections and a bold vision united by design.


Traditional Moroccan throws.

Modern Moose

Combining his love for illustration, product and graphic design,
along with over 25 years as an industrial designer, Paul Ocepek 
now creates layered, lightweight clocks from a host of
playful characters, under his Modern Moose brand.

Paul makes each Modern Moose clock in his Norfolk, Massachusetts
(or as he likes to call it, Moosachusetts) studio. He uses birch plywood and
nontoxic water-based inks (no glues or chemical coatings); then cuts, sands
and assembles the pieces by hand, to create his layered compositions.

Paulʼs sense of humor, bold use of color and modern
artistic sensibility form the basis for these whimsical time-pieces
- an eye-catching addition to any wall or table.

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SKT Ceramics

Tactile Authenticity

SKT Ceramics was founded by Brooklyn artist
Susannah Tisue in 2006, during her three year artist residency
at Greenwich House Pottery in Manhattan’s West Village.

The SKT studio, now in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, produces Susannah’s
line of wheel thrown, high fired porcelain wares. Each piece merges
Susannah’s love of painting, printmaking, and the transformative
process of firing. The pieces are crafted on the thick side – taking the
durability of porcelain and creating sturdy, rustic wares with a refined sensibility.

Images are screen printed or hand-painted from Susannah Tisue’s original
illustrations. Each screen printed image is initially silkscreened with colored clay
on Japanese rice paper, then transferred to the freshly trimmed pottery.

Each one-of-a-kind piece reflects the detailed process used to make it
and is designed to bring delight to your home and table for years to come.

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SKT Ceramics
Flour Sack Tea towels
SKT Ceramics
Woodgrain Slab Dish
Astier de Villatte


Founded by Benoît Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli in 1996,
Astier de Villatte brings us a unique take on ceramics, candles, perfumes
and paper goods. All of their products are created in a Bastille workshop
that used to house Napolean's silversmith.

Crafted from black terracotta clay, their beautiful handmade ceramics use a special technique which leaves deliberate imperfections on the surface so each piece is unique. The team is made up of 20 ceramicists - using the pottery technique that Benoit’s father taught him. Ceramic design collections include collaborations with international artisans (such as New York based design houses, ceramicist John Derian and designers Patch NYC).

Their range of heady scented candles capture the spirit of cities that have inspired the design team.

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Astier de Villatte
ADV Peacock Plate
Astier de Villatte
ADV Rabbit large long deep platter
Astier de Villatte
ADV Opera Scented candle
Malle W. Trousseau

The gift of a lifetime, for a lifetime – for yourself or another.

The idea of offering the best that will last a lifetime inspired the creation of the Malle W. Trousseau. The elegant, modern trunk houses a selection of only the finest utensils, essential for enjoyable cooking: designed to be used, please the eye, and last through countless meals.

Three trays hold objects for cutting, cooking and containing: all chosen because they are well thought-out, well designed and well made, by artisans with a genuine savoir-faire and love of their craft.

The last word in housewarming or wedding gifts – and an opportunity for friends or family to give a lifetime of memorable meals and sparkling entertaining.

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Tradition, heritage & creation have crafted the remarkable reputation of this family firm

Artcopi is a family run business, established in 1973 in Cholet, near Nantes. It specialises in hand crafting beautiful furniture, inspired by the major styles of French cabinet making – Directoire, Empire, Louis Philippe and Louis XV. Artcopi artisans select their own timber from healthy, mature tree stocks of cherry wood and solid oak from France. Stringent quality control processes ensure that every piece is exceptional, from conception to completion.

Each piece is cut, assembled, polished and waxed to give the lovely warm charm of old furniture. Pieces are manufactured in France by traditional cabinet making techniques like tenon and mortice, dovetailing and the use of wooden pegs, before being hand finished for authenticity and unique beauty.
Fine sanding reveals the timber’s natural beauty, water based, solvent-free stains highlight the grain, while gum lacquer added to natural beeswax creates a sheen that deepens in beauty with age and use.

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Artcopi Charme Des Temps World Map Cabinet
Artcopi Atelier Oak Dining Table
Atelier Oak Dining Table
Artcopi Charme Des Temps Loft Table
Pols Potten


It all started in 1986, with the import of Mediterranean earthenware into a tiny shop in Amsterdam (where the Royal Dutch Steamboats Society once stored its coffee and cocoa beans).

Today, Corso de’ Fiori stocks a colourful selection of pols potten signature porcelain products, which stay true to their Dutch design tradition. They are all crafted in small quantities, with meticulous attention to quality and detail. The range is the result of a dedication to artists, designers and producers, including Wieki Somers, Norman Trapman, Karel Goudsblom, Erik Jan Kwakkel, Arnout Visser, Carola Zee, Bas van Beek, Ernst Coppejans, Paul Odekerken, Jan Wolleswinkel and Erik Pol.

Due to its desirability, our selection of pols potten never lasts long in store. So don’t tarry long, if you’d like some of your own.

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An international leader in the production of gift and household articles designed in accordance with a “taste-trend – function – rationality” logic, created with sophisticated direct manual silkscreen technologies, aimed at a demanding public.

Egizia’s contemporary and classic lines, together with the exclusive ones created for prestigious national and international brands and designers, are known and appreciated worldwide: the best confirmation of an important sixty years of work.

Egizia then got to know Paola Navone. With her the company began an important project and inaugurated a new concept for its collections: chic, luxury, sensuality, elegance and contemporary design, plus transverse ness of materials with innovative ideas of coordination.
Study and research, contemporaneity, sensuality, qualitative constancy, passion and creativity: the ingredients measured out by Paola Navone and Egizia.
All of this is contained in Paola Navone’s 2004 collection for Egizia, a further token of two years of company transformation in which the current range was redefined and the future range set out.

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Discover the exceptional level of sound quality with these beautiful stereos

Tivoli Audio was created to bring beautifully designed, simple-to-use, high quality audio products to discerning listeners like you, in a compact size and at a good price. These products represent an exceptional level of sound quality, fit and finish unequalled in their price range. 

Tivoli stereos make elegant, distinctive gifts for Christmas, Father's Day, weddings, graduations, birthdays, housewarmings, and other occasions.

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iPAL - Portable AM/FM Radio
Model Three - BT Clock Radio
Compagnie de Provence

The authentic Marseille soap that’s hard to pronounce, yet easy to desire.

Founded in Marseille by Pascal Bourelly and Philippe Boigeol in 1990, the company has modernised the luxurious soap with which the city has been synonymous since the 17th century.

In 2000, they launched a modern reinterpretation – made in a cauldron with vegetable oils and contained in an iconic, witty typographic glass soap pump with a 20th century industrial aesthetic.

All products emphasise artisanship, natural ingredients and fragrances.

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These sound systems are the best thing you’ll hear all day, every day

Geneva Sound Systems come in a range of sizes and finishing options that fit your room and your life. Ingeniously engineered inside one sleek cabinet, you’ll find the essential elements of a conventional stereo: CD player, FM radio, an iPod/iPhone dock, stereo subwoofers, and a digital amplifier that uses 80% less energy.

The Geneva range is designed for simplicity, style, and most importantly, great sound — no matter where the listener is in the room.

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Henry Dean

Original, organic glassware that reflects its elemental nature

Henry Dean and his wife Edith began in Belgium, selling country-style homewares but soon returned to their first love of glass. Wanting to offer something that couldn’t be found elsewhere, Henry Dean started creating his own sensuous, organically shaped designs.

The company is still a real family business, with its members handling everything from administration to textile design. For the widely travelled and well read artist, design inspiration springs from two directions: on the one hand, embracing the ‘fashionable and intentionally trendy’, and on the other, seeking subjects he can ‘really put his soul into’.

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True Grace

True grace: Truly luxurious, beautiful & eco friendly

In 1991, husband and wife team Philippa Nolan and Roger Biles founded ARCO – a British luxury fine candle maker which began by crafting bespoke candles for the most coveted fashion, beauty and design houses, from Calvin Klein, to Molton Brown and Muji, Mulberry, and Space NK.

With the same principles of traditional quality, the pair launched their environmentally friendly brand True Grace in 2003. All candles are handmade in their Wiltshire factory using their unique, clean burning blend of 100% natural waxes: Rapeseed Wax, Beeswax and a secret ingredient.
Each of the deliciously evocative 37 fragrances is true to its natural inspiration; due to an exceptionally high 10% scent content, and will burn for an impressive 40 hours.

  • Our Favourites
True Grace
Seashore Room Diffuser
Seashore Room Diffuser
True Grace
Seashore Scented Leaves
Seashore Scented Leaves
Corso de’ Fiori

Curators of a fascinating world

Founded in 1989, Corso de’ Fiori has been delighting cognoscenti with a meticulously curated collection of quality, design-led treasures and homewares from around the globe.

As well as hand picking the best of the world’s collections, we also offer our own Corso de' Fiori Custom Made NZ Furniture. Representing some of the best New Zealand furniture makers, we offer a selection of quality upholstered furnishings, which can be made to order in a range of premium fabrics. 

We also stock a range of imported sofas for you to choose straight from our showroom floor. To complement both our upholstered pieces and interior design objects, we import handpicked, one-off pieces of antique furniture, and our Corso de' Fiori cushions are available to order in a range of fabrics and patterns.

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Moulin Roty

Here, your adventure begins in a wonderful world of children’s toys, games & accessories

Imagine it’s 1972, and a group of friends are searching for a common project to provide both work and a bohemian way of life. They purchase an old mill that has fallen into ruins, renovating bit by bit so that their families can move in and live there together. They begin their project with screen printing and making exquisite craft items…

Now, decades later, Moulin Roty’s children’s toys, games and accessories are still expertly designed in France using the finest French fabrics and materials. All designs are unique: some capturing the charms of a bygone era, while others are up-to-the-minute. Ranges are created around characters and stories. Using soft shapes, refined materials and irresistible colour the result is always a timeless quality product for the young (and young at heart).

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Exceptional detailing & subtle fragrance rekindle the flame inside

Created by Valerie Bietlot in her South African home in 2002, these handmade organic candles evoke the intense hues and perfumes of Tanzania’s African heartland. The refined fragrances were developed by a renowned perfumer in Grasse, France: predominantly green scents that float elegantly over woody base notes of cedar and sandalwood. And the glass vessels – collectable in their own right – are the meticulous work of expert craftspeople.

Stocked by an exclusive selection of stores and loved by interior designers and perfume connoisseurs alike, Baobab has truly rekindled the flame of the desirable household candle.

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Scents reminiscent of childhood

Founded in the 1920s, Lothantique creates the finest natural products for your bath, body and home. Our story begins in the French town of Chateauneuf  Val-Saint-Donat, at the foot of the lavender covered Lure Mountain. It was originally born as The Mouranchon Brothers Co, a distillery of aromatic plants.

Through the vision and determination of matriarch Josephine, the business expanded its range from lavender essential oil to include lavender sachets, soaps and toilet waters. In 1987, Josephine's grandchildren, Dominique and Denis Vogade re-launched the family business. Inspired by the work of French filmmaker Marcel Pagnol’s ability to express the fragrance of a flower through words, they called their company Lothantique.The range is formulated with natural ingredients; by applying the traditional processes of Haute-Provence to advances in skincare technology.

The development of each product takes approximately two years with the selection of perfume being one of the main steps. A commitment to preserving the environment means using recycled and biodegradable materials wherever possible.

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Your colourful life

Città creates enduring design staples and limited edition seasonal collections for you and your home that are always fresh and original.
Based on a relaxed antipodean philosophy of life and travel, the Città collection is designed in New Zealand to be useful, beautiful and even a little bit fun.

From India to New York, Tokyo and Barcelona, the world’s fascinating cultures are a rich source of inspiration. Each collection shares a global design story, retold by you – through the way you live and bring its pattern, colour and texture into your home.