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Scents reminiscent of childhood

Founded in the 1920s, Lothantique creates the finest natural products for your bath, body and home. Our story begins in the French town of Chateauneuf  Val-Saint-Donat, at the foot of the lavender covered Lure Mountain. It was originally born as The Mouranchon Brothers Co, a distillery of aromatic plants.

Through the vision and determination of matriarch Josephine, the business expanded its range from lavender essential oil to include lavender sachets, soaps and toilet waters. In 1987, Josephine's grandchildren, Dominique and Denis Vogade re-launched the family business. Inspired by the work of French filmmaker Marcel Pagnol’s ability to express the fragrance of a flower through words, they called their company Lothantique.The range is formulated with natural ingredients; by applying the traditional processes of Haute-Provence to advances in skincare technology.

The development of each product takes approximately two years with the selection of perfume being one of the main steps. A commitment to preserving the environment means using recycled and biodegradable materials wherever possible.

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